Private boarding school

What a Typical Private Boarding School in the UK Looks Like

When you think of joining a school in the UK, several questions come to the mind. The first question is: why the UK? Well, the reasons are obvious-quality education, co-curricular success, top catering, and cultural diversity among others. The second question is: what kind of school? You have to choose between a day and a boarding school. If you are looking for a suitable learning environment, then the boarding school life is the better option. Lastly, you need to decide whether to go to a private or a public boarding school. The provisions of the private boarding schools are unmatched, and thus a great choice. Here are the elements of a typical private boarding school in the UK.

  • Flexible timetable: ¬†Boarding life is similar to the home life, only that you are expected to follow the stipulations of the timetable. For example, you are required to wake up around 7:00 am and take a shower before you put on the uniform or take breakfast. There are breaks in between the lessons when you can take refreshments and meals as you interact.
  • Extracurricular activities: Here, students get involved in various sports that they fancy such as football, basketball, netball, rugby, and swimming. You can also enjoy art activities such as photography, painting, and music.
  • Quality catering: The meals at the private boarding school are prepared by certified chefs and nutritionists.¬† The caterers ensure that you take a balanced nutrition at all times.
  • Welfare and care: You are guaranteed of a homestay care in the boarding school. This is characterized by a 24/7 security guarantee, professional counselling, and healthcare.

Basically, the private boarding schools have all you need to study comfortably in the UK. The trainers are highly skilled and the qualification from the school guarantees you acceptance to major universities in the world.

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