Estrella Damm Barcelona Beer

You have always imported Estrella Damm Barcelona beer but now that you have decided to cut down expenses in a bid to save money you are looking to see whether you can find it locally. While foreign beers are available in the UK they often come at such a high cost that many people would rather import. Additionally, you will find that in many shops these beers have been sitting on shelves for so long that they have lost all authenticity. Is it possible to get Estrella Damm beer fresh and affordable in the UK?
As a matter of fact it is, but you have to know the kind of vendor you are looking for. Most people assume that the best place to buy foreign beers is in small, nondescript beer shops but they encounter tow problems. The first is most – because these shops are small they are not able to import large amounts of foreign brands which means they pay high prices. They charge their clients even higher prices which makes the beers unaffordable. The other problem is that because these shops don’t have a lot of customers their beers tend to stay on the shelves for a long time so by the time you buy your Estrella Damm Barcelona beer it doesn’t taste quite like the real thing.
As you look around for a vendor of foreign beers you should keep an eye out for the big shops that specialize in many different foreign brands. Since they buy bulk they are able to get discounts which they pass on to you. Their beers also fly off the shelves faster so your Estrella Damm will be quite fresh.
One such vendor is Beers of Europe. They are the largest beer vendor in the UK and they specialize in foreign brands. You can order online from them on